In today's legal world, the need for prompt, efficient research is critical.

Duane Chris, LL.B., B.A. (Hons. English)

Research Services for Lawyers:

  • detailed memoranda on most legal issues
  • help with defining issues and narrowing research parameters
  • noting up cases and legislation
  • Quicklaw/Lexis-Nexis, WestlaweCarswell and Internet searches
  • drafting of pre-trial memoranda, pleadings, affidavits, letters
  • editing services also available

Experienced, Professional Legal Researcher:

  • called to the bar in 2001
  • three years articling and practice experience in Toronto and K-W
  • full-time legal research since 2003
  • member of LSUC and Waterloo Law Association

Know the Law:

  • I do the "leg work" to make it easier for you to formulate your legal opinions, conclusions and strategies in a cost-effective way.
  • Call me to discuss how I can save you time and money, and give you the confidence of knowing the law on your case.
  • $85 / hour - adjusted and flat rates available.

Client Testimonials:

I have used Duane's research services for many years and have found his assistance to be invaluable. As a small firm, having Duane's services at my fingertips affords me the confidence that I can go head-to-head with the larger firms that have legions of junior lawyers and summer/articling students at their disposal. Having practiced law for a time, Duane readily appreciates the legal issues and knows what to look for.

Melanie Reist, Morrison Reist

I have always found Duane's research to be timely, accurate and within budget. In addition, he provides useful insight into the legal issues under consideration.

Peter A. McSherry Law Office

I do not just assign research to Duane; we collaborate. He does more than answer questions and find authorities. Duane contributes ideas and concepts, often suggesting alternate legal theories that might be applicable to our facts. The greatest benefit is the work product, his memoranda, which are concise, well-written and well-organized. Cutting and pasting narrative and legal authorities into a factum or memorandum of law is always quick and easy.

Doug Snider, Snider Litigation

Duane W. Chris Research Inc.

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